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World-class specialists, state-of-the-art technology, and gracious Thai hospitality

Following the footsteps of his father, Thailand’s first US-trained dermatologist, American-board certified laser specialist Dr. Nattapong Jirurawong founded Dr.TATTOF to erase unwanted memories and improve confidence by removing tattoos, scars and stretches marks.

Being the first medical center in Thailand to treat patients with PicoWay was only the beginning. Today, Dr.TATTOF proudly provides various types of effective laser solutions, bringing fast results and happy smiles to every patient.

Innovative solutions and modern, minimalistic designs

All Dr.TATTOF clinics are designed under the concept of Black and White Minimalism with optimal functionality in mind.The modern, minimalistic design of our clinics align with the fast and simply effective treatments received by all our patients.

Transparency, sincerity, and excellent service is what we promise

Our team of medical specialists promise to serve you using only the most advanced tools, paying attention to every detail to ensure the most most impressive results.

Unique method of tattoo removal-the only one in Thailand

PICOWAY – an innovative breakthrough for tattoo removal, is the latest innovation from the USA to remove tattoos and to eliminate dark spots like freckles, black birthmarks, etc. The old way of laser tattoo removal and pigmentation treatments may not completely remove tattoo with several colors as well as the black spot. So it needs this latest technology, the laser that is developed by the World’s Best Dermatologist for over 20 years.